Report: Alberta’s potato industry is “growing success”

According to a report from the Potato Growers of Alberta, the economic contribution of the Canadian province is approaching $3 billion.

The Potato Growers of Alberta (PGA) has released what it is calling a landmark study on the economic impact of the potato industry in the Canadian province. The PGA report, conducted by Serecon Inc. and Nichols Applied Management, outlines the significant growth of Alberta’s potato industry in recent years and documents its economic impact.

The study estimated the total economic contribution of the Alberta potato sector was $2.78 billion in 2022. The contribution to GDP was pegged at $1.33 billion, with $87 million in tax revenue for the federal and provincial governments.

In terms of labor, the potato sector in the province provides 9,290 full-time-equivalent positions as well as $662 million in employment income.

Researchers also determined that every additional irrigated quarter-section of processing potatoes contributed $5 million of total annual output to the Canadian economy. Provincially, this marginal expansion results in $1.9 million in additional GDP, of which about $900,000 can be attributed to wages across 13 full-time jobs.

According to PGA Chairman James Bareman, his group knew the industry had experienced accelerated growth in recent years. However, prior to this study, they had no way of measuring its overall impact on the economy.

“We are pleased that we now have an accurate assessment of our industry’s contribution and delighted with the result,” Bareman said. “The industry could not have grown to this scale without the goodwill and collaboration of all parties—growers, processors, packers, the service sector, the scientific community, and governments. PGA warmly thanks all involved for their excellent contribution to growing our industry into the largest potato sector in Canada.”

To read the full report, “The Alberta Potato Industry Growing Success in 2022,” click here.

Reporting by Real Agriculture